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  • Do You Have Enough Insurance Coverage?
  • 80% Of The Policy Holders Around The World Are Under Insured.....
  • Could You Really Remember 100% Of Everything You Own After A ..........
    Flood, Fire or Cyclone??
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Could You Remember Every Item And Have Proof Of Ownership?

58% of the burglaries take place in the evening or night and 34% occur at the Weekend. House breaking is one of the most common crimes. Your claims will take longer if you don't have proof of your ownership handy.

Insure Mate can make sure that you have your proof at hand.

Up to 80% household are underinsured. You may think you are totally insured but chances are truth be known it is not!

Sadly many people don't find out their sum insured is not enough until their house is badly damaged by fire, storm, impact or any other disasters. This could leave you out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars. In the aftermath of cyclone The Tracy (1974), the fires of Ash Wednesday (1983), the Canberra Fires (2003), Cyclone Larry (2006), and most recently black Saturday, Australia's worst National Disaster February 7 2009, financial management and cataloguing of personal property are proving to be biggest hurdles for individuals rebuilding.

If you ever had the misfortune to lose a valuable possession you know what it's like to recover it, either proving your ownership to authorities or working with an insurance company.

This software has been designed to offer superb document security and cataloguing of every item covered by your Insurance Company. With this unique software you will be able to create a room-by-room inventory, which is a centralised secure place for you to keep an inventory of your home and contents items and documents. It's not a box at the bottom of your cupboard, but an easy-to-use, password protected secure storage facility.

All it 'costs' is a little of your time, but with that comes the peace of mind.
It's ideal for keeping important information, like a list of your home contents, meaningful documents, valuations or certificates and even allows you to scan important images and photos(Save valuable wedding photos and alike).

Being able to create an up to date inventory of the items within and around your home will assist you in:
* Assessing that you have adequate up to date insurance coverage.
* Quicker settlement on your claims.

The Home & Contents Inventory Also Offers:
* Secure data storage of all electronic records and documents.
* Provide you an extremely valuable backup of your inventory.
* The ability to make a claim directly from your Home & Contents Inventory System (dependent on your Insurance Company).

Just Some Of The Benefits:


24/7 secure access to your information from anywhere in the world.

Accurately calculate the value of items covered in your insurance policy.

Lodge a claim directly with your insurer or Claims Agent no waiting on the phone.