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Project Insure Mate Android


Insure Mate - Mobile Android & iPhone App

Insure Mate Android application makes updating your inventory easier. Add or update items as you buy or set them up in your home.
  • Log in

    Log in is with your email address & password or you can create an account from this screen.

  • Menu

    The Insure Mate menu is very simple with just 4 icons to take you where you need to go.

  • Property Management

    With the propery Management you can add 3 properties.

  • Add Rooms

    Add your rooms first to create a drop down list when you start to add items.

  • Add Items

    Adding items is simple as "Add" give your item a name and then take a photo and it all automatically saves to the cloud.

  • Credits

    Time Sentry Solutions P/L thanks Mettletech for thier assistance in making Insure Mate the best secure cloud based home inventory solution.

  • Image gallery

    Once you have all your photos of your items they can be seen in a gallery style.