Insure Mate

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Analytical and solutions -orientated IT consultancy with experience in improving efficiency of state-of-the-art systems and technologies.

The "Concept Guy" who will progress your ideas into working solutions with emphasis on return for your investment within your budget.

Specialising in mobile device applications, online databases & integrated internet solutions with state-of-the-art security systems.

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For maximum security and peace of mind the Insure Mate application only requires that you provide an email address, your policy number/s and a post code. Our database structure is such that we only store your inventory and NOT your personal information ….Your insurance company has this information. Security is 256 bit encryption


We give you the ability to store images, scanned information and accurately calculate all your assets covered within your insurance policy. You have a complete, safe and accurate program that gives you peace of mind and feeling stress free if anything was to happen to your assets.


Insure Mate has a built in calculator to assist you in having a more informed discussion about your insurance premium level of cover and an accurate total replacement cost of your assets.

  • Menu

    The menu is designed to be similar to the windows start menu
  • User Settings

    The user first will need to complete thier profile in the user settings to utilise the full functions of Insure Mate.
  • Rooms

    You can add rooms then assign items to those rooms. Add photos of your rooms.
  • Items/Assets

    Items can be added and assigned to a room and add pictures.
  • Claims Management

    With Insure Mate you can manage and submit a claim to your insurer.
  • Insure Mate Mobile App

    With the mobile app and your ability to log in to the website you can update from anywhere.